Enhanced Statutory Redundancy Pay Calculator (UK)

Statutory Limits up to date for 2014-15 (Next change due on 6th Apr 2015, Maximum Weekly Pay rises to 475)

  • Click here for detailed instructions, notes and terms of use for the redundancy calculator.
  • Enter Age at Dismissal, Years of Service and Weekly Pay. Employers and advisors may also enter Employee ID and Voluntary Addition if desired, for use with the spreadsheet facility below. Then click "CALCULATE".
  • The "Number of Weeks Pay Due" and "Statutory Value" are calculated in line with the current UK legislative amounts and limits on redundancy pay.
    The "Unlimited Value" is for information only, indicating how much the Weeks Due times Weekly Pay would be if not capped to the statutory maximum.
  • If processing a batch of calculations you can create a list of these using the Cumulative Spreadsheet facility below the calculator.
  • Minimum 2 years continuous employment required (one year for unfair dismissal)
  • Although lower as well as upper age limits were removed back at 1st October 2006, this redundancy calculator does not take into account any employment below age 14 (the minimum age at which a person can normally be employed).
  • Statutory Maximum Weekly Pay Limit is 464 for date of dismissal on or after 6th Apr 2014. Prior to that date the limit was 450. The limit rises to 475 on 6th April 2015
  • See Notes for further details.
Employee ID (optional) Age at Dismissal Completed Full Years of Service Weekly Pay Calculate
Statutory Maximum Weekly Pay Limit No of Weeks Pay Due is Statutory Value is Unlimited Value would be Voluntary Addition (optional - for employer's use)


Employee ID Age Years Service Weekly Pay Weeks Due Statutory Amount Unlimited Amount Voluntary Addition

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